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Tape To Tape podcast: Hockey documentaries we want right now

If the NHL returns to action in the next couple months, there’s a strong chance Edmonton will be a hub city. Mark Spector joins Ryan and Rory to stump for his home, dive into some of the historical pieces he’s written focusing on the 1980s Oilers and a recent story about the under-23 Team North America that sent fans into a frenzy at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

With Sportsnet re-airing a bunch of games from that tournament, Rory took his best shot at what an under-23 team of Canadians and Americans would look like right now. Spoiler alert: even better than four years ago.

Finally, the boys use The Last Dance as a jumping off point to discuss hockey documentaries they’re dying to see. Mario Lemieux in his wine cellar uncorking a fine Italian red and re-living all his ups and downs? Yes, please. Or how about a close look at the bloody rivalry between the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche that defined the back half of the ’90s?

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Audio Credits: McKeown/McGee Films, The Boys on the Bus, 1987.

This episode is produced and sound engineered by Michael Mayers, and hosted by Ryan Dixon and Rory Boylen.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Media Inc. or any affiliate.

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