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Tape To Tape podcast: What to watch for when the playoffs begin

Chris Johnston joins the show but, first, Ryan and Rory are all in on the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Six Canadian teams will (hopefully) participate in the “play-in” round and two of them — Winnipeg and Calgary — will (hopefully) face each other. Who has the advantage in that matchup and what are the other key series to (hopefully) watch?

Also, what to make of the fact clubs like Pittsburgh, Toronto or — gasp — Edmonton could actually wind up with the first-overall pick?

Then CJ offers insight into the league’s big announcement. Could the spirit of cooperation between owners and players be a good harbinger for things to come, especially with a CBA negotiation on the horizon? Now that the league has been forced to make big changes, is there a chance long-term alterations could result from this period of unprecedented experimentation?

Audio Credits: NHL/Sportsnet

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Written by Sportsnet

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