By: Caprice Papillion

Photos: Caprice Papillion
As this was our first time attending Hop-
scotch we really weren’t sure what to expect.
All I can say is if you haven’t attended this yet
… get your tickets and attend. It is a blast.
There was a wide array of different alcohol
including all types of spirits to beer and wine.
The brewers/distilleries there were not only
large well known vendors like Jack Daniels
but included local business that have some
amazing product.This year there was Wayne
Gretzky’s distillery/winery present – they had
possibly the hands down best whisky I ever
tasted. I could sip it all night. So smooth and delicious. The wine was very
good as well. I am a red wine drinker if I drink wine. I normally do not like white.
And I tried one of their whites and I actually really enjoyed it, it was delicious.
Jack Daniels was a great booth with samples of a huge array of their differ-
ent products. I tried some specialty whiskeys here that I will be looking for
in the liquor store. They offer an apple whiskey that tastes like heaven … it
tastes like mulled apple cider and is best served warmed. They also offer a
honey whiskey that is insanely good and
can be sipped chilled optimally but you can
cook with this serve it over ice cream etc.
Finally, a cinnamon whiskey that tastes like
those delicious little cinnamon hearts you
get at valentine’s day … I need all 3 in my
liquor cabinet.
The best booth at this event was Sons of
Vancouver, they are a local distillery based
out of North Vancouver they partnered with

Walter (another local business) who creates possibly the most delicious
cesar mix on the face of the planet. The magic created here was a caesar
that I am gonna be craving it was absolute perfection. Sons of Vancouver
serves up a standard vodka which is excellent but their show stopper is their chilli vodka which. No added spice required in this drink if you use the chili vodka. They offered a condi-
ment station to top off your ceasers as you liked. This Vodka is sold at “ “ in Olympic Village. Give them a try.
The business that I discovered was Nude Vodka Soda – this is also a local business and I loved it. I could see
sipping these beverages on the porch all summer. They offer a kiwi/strawberry vodka beverage and a cucum-
ber mint beverage which are very light flavoured. Their claim to fame is that they are only 100 calories, sugar
free, sweetener free, gluten free and all natural. My fridge will be stocked with these this coming summer.
Hopscotch not only offered beverage booths but also a large section of foods by local restaurants and live
entertainment throughout the night. All in all a great time was had by all, be prepared to take a cab home 🙂
because this reporter was a little tipsy by the time I worked my way through the whole event.
Hopscotch also offered free Compass passes so everyone got home safely. Great job Hopscotch!!! Bravo!

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