Stone Cold Finger

By: Sky Hayward . “So, what’s your favorite part of
being alive?” he asks me. He’s
asked me more questions than
I’ve asked him. He’s curious
and clever, clever people are
fascinating people. He’s 19 and
talking about the importance of
leaving a legacy and living all of
your life.
Music isn’t just a tool to get girls
or get paid to Vancouver based
Hip Hop/Rap artist Pandeni
Muchali AKA Stonecold Finger

it’s a way to leave your mark
and be remembered. He be-
lieves music is still an art form
and perfecting it is important to
him. His music career has been
methodically thought out and
I have no doubt all of his goals
will be achieved. Listening to
songs like Jungle and Racer you
get a confident and profes-
sional sound that you don’t get
from a lot of up and coming
When talking about
performance he says that he
believes presentation is every-
thing. He plans to follow in the
footsteps of artists like Kanye
West and Travis Scott with
impressive and innovative stage
design. He says, “I want to be
on an enigmatic and mysterious
vibe, when the music comes on
the audience is like, ‘Whoa!’ It’s
like a universe of sound.” He
wants to get good at channeling
energy to people, like Maya
Angelou said “‘I’ve learned that
people will forget what you
said, people will forget what
you did, but people will never
forget how you made them
feel.’ He wants his stage shows
to make that kind of an impact,
something the audience will
The album out now is called
Forever Yours, which is pro-
duced by Air Visa Visa and
BrrBrrrricecold on De La Soulja
Records. Their upcoming album
is called Glory Days.
Watch out for it as well on all
music platforms including Apple
Music, Soundcloud, Tidal,
Spotify, and videos on Youtube.
Follow stonecold Finger on
Instagram @stonecoldfinger.

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