These Metro Vancouver tenants started a petition to beg neighbours to butt out


Smoking. It’s one of those issues that seems so obvious, but never really is.

It seems obvious people shouldn’t do it because it’s lethal, but they still do.

It seems obvious that people shouldn’t do it in a way that disturbs other people, but they do. All. The. Time.

So my ears perked up when I heard about an actual online petition that was started by some tenants of an apartment building in North Burnaby.

I was emailed a link to the petition (you can read it here) by an anonymous tenant terrified of being evicted for complaining.

“This building has a strict no-smoking policy – this includes no tobacco use or marijuana use inside suites, on patios, or anywhere on the property – with signage posted around the building and letters have been put through tenants doors on many occasions,” read the email.

“Despite this, tenants continue to defy the no smoking policy and management continually takes a lax approach when complaints are made about smoking. Some of us have come together to start a petition about the smoking issue in the hope that management will take action.”

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This is a common complaint for people who live in apartment and condo buildings. My mom’s North Burnaby seniors building is going through this right now because the units that had been grandfathered after a tough new no-smoking rule was passed have now been told they need to butt out or they will be out.

It’s a big issue for my mom because the person living one floor below her smokes like a 1960s’ reporter and the stink wafts up into her suite – meaning she can’t open the windows.

The issue for many buildings is even more complicated with medical marijuana. I feel bad for people who have to smoke pot to alleviate pain and symptoms of various medical conditions. For them, it’s a wonder drug. For people who live around them, it’s terrible to have to smell that stink.

I’ve never heard of a petition before about smoking in a building. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to achieve, but hopefully the tenants get some action.

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