Vancouver photographer shares stunning images of goslings up close

The resident Canada goose breeding season is well underway and proud geese can be seen strutting around parks and lakes showing off their gaggle.

Photographers just can’t seem to get enough of the yellow, fluffy youngsters and have managed to capture some incredible images.

Hobby photographer Alexandre Légère has taken some particularly stunning photos of the goslings up close, and garnered quite a bit of attention on social media.

Légère, who is originally from New Brunswick but has lived in Vancouver for 15 years, told the Courier he just enjoyed capturing “the beauty of nature.”

He said he grew up around wildlife and his artistic abilities came naturally.

A photography enthusiast for the past 20 years, he offered some tips on how to take the best pictures of the timid little birds.

“The best way is to make yourself as low as possible. So you’re not a threat to them,” Légère explained.

“Be patient, calm and wait for them to pass you or to come to you.

“Never try to follow them.”

His favourite places to photograph the geese are Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon and all around the sea wall.

For now photography is just a hobby for Légère but he said he hoped to someday take it to a professional level.

Here are some more of his photos:

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