Watch this cute cat take over a B.C. city’s council meeting (VIDEO)

Jax the Bowen Island council cat turned out briefly Monday, May 27 for a discussion on electric vehicle charging stations before heading home for dinner.

Jax lives with the Glave family, who were wondering where he was as dusk drew in.They were soon alerted that Jax had wandered into the municipal hall down the hill.

Jax was late for the meeting, showing up half an hour after councillors got started, chief administrative officer Kathy Lalonde said.

Council stopped as loud meowing could be heard from just outside the room. When one person got up to open the door, Jax made his entrance, taking up position in an empty chair at the council table. Clearly not engaged in the meeting, Jax soon began wandering around the room.

He went from lap to lap, being petted and purring as council worked through its agenda.

“It turned a bad meeting into an amazing meeting,” Lalonde said. “He’s wandered into the hall before. I was very disappointed when Jax left.”

Jax attracted no attention from Mayor Gary Ander, clearly a dog person. Coun. Maureen Nicholson and Lalonde made up for that, lavishing Jax with attention at the council table.

James Glave said the curious thing is that he is the chair of the community transportation advisory committee, which wants to see an electric vehicle charger installed in a high-visibility location on the island.

“He showed up right when council was voting on an issue I’ve worked on,” Glave said.

Needless to say, Glave thinks Jax is the cat’s meow.

“The kids have named him ‘The Representative,’” Glave said.

Once council had voted to approve the committee’s preferred charging location, Jax headed home for dinner.

Glave said the council appearance doesn’t come as a surprise. He said Jax also rides around on peoples’ shoulders as they garden, visits with tourists and has been known to go to the local gym.

“He was literally sitting on the weight stacks as the weightlifters lifted the weights,” Glave said.

“He’s totally wacky and hilarious,” Glave said. “He’s really quite a character. We love him to bits.”

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