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Lori Loughlin Offered 2 Years Minimum Prison Sentence in Plea Negotiations

Lori Loughlin Offered 2 Years Minimum Prison Sentence in Plea Negotiations

Lori Loughlinand her husband are in a way worse position thanFelicity Huffman… because the huge amount they allegedly paid in bribes to get their daughters into USC could land them in prison for2 YEARSMINIMUM… TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the case tell us … all of the parents in the college cheating scandal have been offered plea deals, but prosecutors will only accept pleas with prison time attached.

As we reported, Felicitycopped a pleaMonday, along with 12 other parents. The remaining 37 individuals charged — including Lori and her husband,Mossimo Giannulli— have been offered plea deals, with varying recommendations for prison sentences, largely determined by the amount they paid in bribes and whether they accept responsibility for what they did.

Felicity’s pleawould enable her to serve as little as 4 months in prison. The problem for Lori and Mossimo is thatthey paid $500,000to allegedly bribe the crew coach, and the amount raises theMINIMUM PRISON SENTENCE IN A PLEA DEAL TO A RANGE OF 2 TO 2 1/2 YEARS.

Our sources say prosecutors have given all defendants an ultimatum … reach a plea deal QUICKLY or else they will go to a Federal Grand Jury and add charges, including money laundering, which significantlyraisesthe low end of prison time.

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