MYLLE FOURNIER An interview with Vancouver Harpist

By: Vicki Kwong

Mylle Fournier (Camille Fournier) is a harpist originally from Quebec and
has been based in Vancouver, BC for the last decade. Her first original
instrumental solo album, “Ailleurs”, was released in late May 2018.
I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ms. Fournier on May 18, 2018.


How often do you update your repertoire?

  • Mylle: For my original music just before my album and when I got the
    idea to create my album and during that time when I met a musician
    that became my mentor and gave me confidence. Now that I have this
    new-found confidence my repertoire will update again when I create
    another album in the future etc.


What other types of musicians have you performed with?

  • Mylle: I play bass as well, so I wanted to try to play everything, so I have
    played in many bands such as metal bands, many rock ‘n roll bands,
    cover bands, disco bands, a blues band, punk bands. Back in Montreal
    with the harp I was doing a bit of pop prog which I would like to do some
    more of but haven’t found my outlet here yet. With the harp I have also
    plagued with singers usually pop or rock songs.


If you hadn’t chosen music, what do you think you would be doing right now?

  • Mylle: I don’t think you choose music, I think it happens. When I was six
    years old I heard mixed emotions by the Rolling Stones and it hit me in
    the gut and then I knew that’s what I’m doing (music).


What or who was your biggest influence as an artist?

  • Mylle: It changes through the ages, but I think my favorite band era
    is The Cure from when I was a teenager and I can hear some of that
    influence in my music. My first harp teacher was my mentor, she was
    amazing, a big influence on me.


What’s the hardest part about being a musician and what’s the best part?

  • Mylle: In my case, it was actually getting an instrument. When I first
    started at the Conservatory of music I started off on a pedal board
    and that is $30,000. So, when I left the Conservatory there was no
    instrument for me, so I started on tiny harps, learning all over again.
    My favorite part of being a musician is composing and being able to
    collaborate with others.


Tell us about your upcoming album? Date of release? Any
challenges? Where did the Inspiration to create this album come
from? Any roadblocks? Dedicated to anyone special?

Mylle: The album was released June 19th, 2018 and is called Ailleurs
which in English means “Elsewhere”. It’s about being kind of far away
from those you love and from your roots. I started to really feel and
wonder where are my roots after 13 years being here, I go back, and it
doesn’t feel like home, I’m here and it will never be home here either,
so where is my home? So, the gist of it is, is not knowing where your
home is and being torn with that. (Biggest challenges) it was figuring
out the paperwork. Everything is computers and paperwork, lots of
legal documents. (Inspiration) a burning feeling of longing for an actual
home and not knowing where that is and that combined with a newly
found confidence in my capacities of composing. (Roadblocks) The
first album having to let go of certain aspects in order to move forward
with the completion of the album. Understanding that it (the album) will
never be perfect, nothing is ever perfect and that’s okay. My album is
dedicated to my muse.


For those of us who may not have a lot of knowledge when it
comes to the harp, is a harp standardized or are there several types,
sizes that may affect the sound?

  • Mylle: There are many types of harps and methods for playing. The
    pedal orchestra harp traditionally has 47 strings and 7 pedals. There is
    a lever harp, some people call it a Celtic or folk harp. The levers do what
    the pedals do in some way but not fully and that is the type of harp I
    play with.


If money were no issue, what model/type of harp would you
want in your collection?

  • Mylle: If money were no issue I would want a pedal harp.


Do you have any advice for our readers that may want to
pursue learning and playing the harp?

  • Mylle: Go with the teacher that will give you good technique right at
    the beginning. If you start off with a teacher that does not focus on
    technique and later down the road you have another teacher that does
    focus on technique you will only face roadblocks and then you have to
    go back and fix your technique which is very demotivating.the best part?

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