Man claims he drank broken glass from beer bottle at Metro Vancouver casino

A Surrey man claims he discovered too late that a beer bottle he was served at the Grand Villa Casino was chipped. Burnaby NOW file photo

A Surrey man claims he accidentally drank glass from a broken beer bottle at Burnaby’s Grand Villa Casino.

Gurcharan Singh Grewal filed a lawsuit against the casino and its parent company, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, among other defendants, following an alleged incident in December 2017.

According to the lawsuit, Grewal was at the Personas Bar in the Grand Villa Casino and ordered a beer from the bartender. After taking his first sip, he allegedly “felt a sharp object enter his throat, causing much discomfort and internal injuries.”

Grewal claimed in his lawsuit that he found a chip in the glass on the rim of the beer bottle “due to the bartender incorrectly opening” it.

As a result, Grewal said he suffered lacerations to his mouth, injury to his throat and esophagus, difficulty swallowing, discomfort and anxiety.

Grewal “continues to undergo medical care” resulting from the injuries, according to his court filing, and “continues to suffer pain and discomfort and emotional upset.”

Grewal is also seeking damages for alleged loss of income relating to the incident, as well as an alleged loss of housekeeping ability at home.

The claims have not been proven in a court of law, and none of the defendants has yet responded to the lawsuit.

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