Transit statement: Watch this woman rock ‘Compass Mini earrings’ (VIDEO)

Compass Mini earrings
Photo: smarieannachu / Reddit

What product are you willing to wait an hour in line for?

For many residents of the Lower Mainland, the Compass Mini – a new payment option that looks just like a small Compass Card – is worth an hour-long wait, if not longer.

TransLink rolled out the petite payment card on Friday, Dec. 5, and eager customers lined up before the Compass Customer Service Centre opened. Shortly after opening, the transit authority announced that it would limit the number of Minis to two per person due to high demand.

And while the small smart card easily attaches to keychains and backpacks, smarieannachu shared another way to rock the highly sought-after item on Vancouver Reddit.

The post, which has been up-voted a whopping 2,710 times since it was first uploaded to the platform, shows a young woman wearing two Compass Mini keychains as earrings in a video. Above the video, the caption reads, “Got my hands on the hottest accessory drop of the season.”

Got my hands on the hottest accessory drop of the season from r/vancouver

A number of commenters asked how much it hurts her to have the keychain squeezing her ear, while others asked if the earrings were real.

In a comment, the original poster remarks, “It’s the new “compassmini” compass card that was released today in limited quantities, I’m just trying to be funny by clipping them on my ears haha.”

TransLink states that the Compass Mini works the same as the Compass Card and Compass Wristband. Riders simply tap in and out when travelling on transit and reload online, at a Compass Vending Machine, by phone, or in person. Of course, just like the other Compass products, there is a $6 refundable deposit when purchasing a new Mini.

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